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Best Onesies for Adults

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We’ve made it through the depth of Winter and we are now preparing for a summer of sun, sea and fun. The only issue is that the sun seems to be non-existent, so we say relax, it’s the return of the British Summer, be prepared and wear one of these cosy onesies to avoid the chill. We’ve rounded some of the best onesies for adults that are now in stock for 2017.

Japan's fun, unisex designs are still leading the way when it comes to onesies. Choose from a range of different animals including Unicorns with magical tails and horns to Kangaroos with joeys in the pouch and Koalas with extra large ears. The choice is endless and with new designs now out for 2017, these onesies are certainly set to make an impact this summer. Just make sure that your tail doesn’t get in the way.

The newbies

We love the new Lemur onesie for any King Julian fans and the brand new pastel Unicorn which is absolutely dreamy! Brand new for 2017, these onesies are set to be leading the way on the animal onesies front. Look out for them at a festival or event near you. 

Lemur Onesie

Best Onesies for Blokes

For blokes, a little dubious of wearing a bright pink all-in-one outside of the house (inside it’s a whole different matter so don’t get us started on that) then perhaps our Tiger onesie is the perfect choice. The Orange Tiger, with bold black stripes and tail will show off your strong exterior and softer inside. Plus how often do you get to innocently roar at a random passer byer?

Tiger Onesie

Best Onesies for Fashionistas

For fashionistas, always wanting to remain on trend we suggest the Panda Onesie. Its mono chrome design is a timeless fashion statement and its been spotted on a host of celebrities including Cara Delevigne and McFly. Wear with a pair of metallic converse to complete the look.

Panda Onesie

Best Onesie for a Hen Do

For the Hen Do’s, wanting to kit the bride and her 'besties' out in something cute and totally awesome, we recommend the Guinea Pig Onesie. Guinea Pigs are a bit of a tease as they don’t come from Guinea and don’t relate to pigs but that aside we love these onesies and en masse they look amazing on an outdoor hen party.

Guinea Pig Onesie

Best Onesies for Stags

For the Stags, the Sharkey, Shark onesie has to be the onesie of choice? Its manly, masculine, bold and once you pull on this onesie, you will certainly be ready to fish out some fun. The shark onesie features a head of ferocious white teeth and a wave skimming fin and tail. Jawsome!!

Shark Onesie

Best Onesies for the Dreamer

For the dreamer, the Unicorn onesie is still our best selling girls onesie. Available in three pastel colours and each featuring a magical mane and tail, the unicorn onesie is as magical as ever. As unicorns continue to be the number one festival trend, we have a feeling that we might be seeing a fair few of these at festivals.

Unicorn Onesie

Best Onesies for 'The long awaited Summer picnic'

The best onesie for a Summer picnic you ask. Everyone knows that the best picnics are Teddy Bears Picnics so grab a bear onesie and your picnic hamper as this is the start of an awesome, Instagram worthy Sunday afternoon picnic. Just dont forget an umbrella in case the weather changes!

Bear Onesie

World Koala Day

May 3rd is Wild Koala Day and we think it should be a Worldwide event. Koalas are in danger in Australia and there are currently no laws to protect their habitats. Each Koala’s home is made up of around 3 home trees and these trees are visited regularly for food. Habitat loss is the greatest threat to Koalas. If [...]

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Ready, Steady, Roar - ZooHood sponsors Beijing Biddies

We have some very exciting news to announce. ZooHood are sponsoring some very adventurous old biddies who are preparing for their third and final challenge to raise money for two leading cancer charities. They've already driven from the UK to Beijing, which is how they became dubbed the 'Beijing Biddies', from the UK to the [...]

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Dinosaur Party Ideas

Dinosaurs are pre-historic creatures that roamed around the Earth millions of years ago. Thanks to Disney, these ferocious animals have been given a "face lift" and are now commonly characterised as cute green, friendly monsters. If you ask most kids what a dinosaur looks like they will refer to the likes of Algo from the movie, The Good Dinosaur [...]

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6 animals that are more famous than you

A new breed of animal megastars are taking social media by storm with some boasting bigger followings than major news and sports networks. These animals have amassed millions of followers and they are now reaping the rewards of stardom. Social media has given everyone a chance to have a minute of fame but these early adopters have millions of [...]

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Tigger Onesie

Its World Book Day in the UK and kids everywhere are dressing up as popular book characters for a fun filled day at school celebrating all things ‘booky’. Well we want to let you in on a little secret, as it’s not just the kids who are dressing up. Our Orange Tiger onesie has been flying off the shelves [...]

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Best Snow Festivals in Europe

Summer festivals are a thing of the past. Step aside Glastonbury, as Snow Festivals are the latest craze and you don't have to be a snow pro to enjoy. Snow Festivals are a week of skiing, boarding and music laden apres ski thrown in with secret forest raves, igloo discos, pool parties, street parties and basically more parties. Our [...]

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Snowbombing Fancy Dress

Hailed as “the mother of all mountain music festivals” by The Sunday Times and the greatest show on snow, Snowbombing is a snow festival not to be missed. Experience high energy days on the slopes, wild apres ski, Igloo raves, and music as fresh as the powder. Dont forget your fancy dress as this year its time [...]

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Unicorn Party Ideas

Unicorns are magical animals. They caused a huge stir on Pinterest in 2016 and the trend is set to stay. Blogger's and Instagramers went crazy for cute takes on Unicorn parties, unicorn onesies, unicorn inspired drinks and just about anything else that featured a magical horn and tail. A small American bakery, Mac Lab recently achieved [...]

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Panda Twinsie causes “Pandamonium”

ZooHood launches World’s first animal twinsie just in time for Valentine’s Day. Animal Onesies have been popular for years after they landed in the UK and now there’s a two person version that’s cute, comfortable and cuddle enhancing. Do you love anyone enough to buy them a Panda Twinsie?The Panda Twinsie is a loose fitting, all-in-one costume for you and [...]

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