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6 animals that are more famous than you

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A new breed of animal megastars are taking social media by storm with some boasting bigger followings than major news and sports networks. These animals have amassed millions of followers and they are now reaping the rewards of stardom. Social media has given everyone a chance to have a minute of fame but these early adopters have millions of followers including many pet accounts. If you’ve got less than a million followers (and who doesn’t) watch out as these animals are more famous than you.

The Cats


Sockamillion aka Sockington is a fairly normal domestic cat who has shot to stardom after his owner, Jason Scott started posting on Twitter in late 2007. As of March 2017, Sockington has over 1.4 million followers on Twitter and was named by Parade magazine as a Pet Power Player. Not bad for a cat who started life as a stray outside Boston Sunway Station in 2014.

Credit Twitter


Maru, born in May 2007 has become a You Tube mega star amassing an impressive 300 million views as at January 2016. He has more subscribers than CNN and Fox News put together but then when you check out his videos we have to admit that this little Japanese cat certainly has the cute factor. If you want to see a cat trying to get into smaller and smaller boxes then check out his channel.

Credit You Tube


Nala was an unwanted rescue cat whose luck changed when she was adopted by Varisiri Mathachittiphan. Her owner set up an Instagram account to share her experience and now Nala has 3.3 million followers. Nala is a fan of dressing up and often posts pictures of herself on her birthday wearing a party hat, wearing wigs and even a Santa costume when she wished all her followers a ‘Happy Friskmas’. Nala has sponsorship deals with Persil, Friskies and appeared in the latest Google Pixel smartphone ads. We love the facial expressions.

Credit Instagram

The Dogs

Cats aren’t the only ones winning in the world of social media. These adorable dogs are even more famous and all boast top sponsorship deals.

Harlow, Indiana and Reese

Harlow, Indiana and Reese are a super cute trio who shot to fame simply because they are cute. They boast over 1.5 million followers on Instagram where they are regularly seen posing around the house. We have to admit that if you hop over to their account, you will be besotted within a couple of minutes and desperately searching for cute Dashhound breeders. They have a lucrative sponsorship deal with Purina and work to increase awareness of Parvovirus which is a fatal dog virus.

Credit Instagram


Loki, the Wolfdog became an overnight super star after appearing in the Mercedes Benz advert and his owner has even quit his job to become a full time manager. With over 1.3 million followers on Instagram and several other lucrative sponsorship deals from Go Pro and Google, the future is looking bright for this out door loving, beast.

Loki the Dog

Credit You Tube

The others aka the Racoon

Dogs and Cats are certainly leading the way in celebrity stardom but we were excited to see Pumpkin the Racoon, has made it into the super star league after amassing 1.1 million Instagram followers. Pumpkin is a rescue racoon who now lives in the Bahamas with owner Laura and her two dogs. Pumpkin is fully domesticated and is often snapped getting up to mischief. Stop by her merchandise store for t-shirts and more. 

Credit Instagram