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Dinosaur Party Ideas

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Dinosaurs are pre-historic creatures that roamed around the Earth millions of years ago. Thanks to Disney, these ferocious animals have been given a "face lift" and are now commonly characterised as cute green, friendly monsters. If you ask most kids what a dinosaur looks like they will refer to the likes of Algo from the movie, The Good Dinosaur rather than a traditional dinosaur.

Pinterest is full of Dinosaur party ideas and when throwing a party last month, I started creating my own board of Dinosaur ideas. Dinosaur parties are not just reserved for kids. I threw a party for a twenty something year old. Party companies have realised that Dinosaur parties are perfect for aging adults who hate the idea of growing up, so have brought out cool ranges that are suitable for kids and adults alike. Check out our top Dinosaur Party Ideas for a roarsome party whatever their age!

1.Dinosaur Cake

Dinosaur cakes come in all different shapes and sizes. Many are rather complex and for non cake making experts like us, its a little daunting and a step too far. We like simple and effective and think this dino cake ticks all the boxes. Follow the tutorial here.

2.Party Bags and Favours

Party bags are an essential part of a kids party, but all too often contain heaps of chocolate and toys that break in minutes. These personalised Dinosaur party bags available on Etsy are a great alternative and include a decorated dinosaur biscuit and a personalised thank you card. Did you know that Roarrr means thank you?

3.Dinosaur Tablewear

Greens, turquoise and gold are a winning combination for tasteful dinosaur party wear. Combine green paper table wear with tasteful clear cups filled with sweets, stripey napkins and a neutral cake stand. Try adding a green paper garland and a few dinosaur cut outs to finalise. Available from Ginger Ray and sold on Party Websites across the UK, Amazon and as a complete party pack on Etsy.

4.Party Hats

No party would be complete without some awesome party hats. These simple Dinosaur party hats are ideal for party goers of any age and can be made quite easily following this simple tutorial. All you need is some green paper hats, extra green paper and some glue. Cut out dinosaur spikes on strips of paper and glue into place and voila!

5.Personalised T Rex Tee

Get a personalised T Rex tshirt for the birthday boy from Not on the High Street. We are sure 3 year old, Maxasaurus was very pleased to be a dinosaur for the day in this lovely cotton t-shirt…. On  side note, Im just deciding on what my Dinosaur name would be. Alexasaurus. Sounds pretty good I think.

6.DIY Dinosaur Balloons

Create your own roarsome dinosaur balloons following the simple steps detailed over at the OhHappy Days Blog. All you need is colored paper, glue, balloons and the templates available on their site. PERFECT!

7.Dinosaur Onesie

There are many occasions when a dinosaur onesie is the perfect attire and one of those has to be when its your birthday. The super soft, dinosaur onesie features a long spikey tail, some ferocious looking teeth and bright white eyes. Say Roar for the camera!

8.Ride in Dinosaur

The ride in Dinosaur is a fantastic accessory for any dinosaur lover and a great birthday present. Step into the dinosaur legs, adjust the straps, take hold of the head and you are ready to embark on an adventure. Available on ZooHood right here