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World Koala Day

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May 3rd is Wild Koala Day and we think it should be a Worldwide event. Koalas are in danger in Australia and there are currently no laws to protect their habitats. Each Koala’s home is made up of around 3 home trees and these trees are visited regularly for food. Habitat loss is the greatest threat to Koalas. If we are to save, these fluffy little creatures then something must be done.

Today, Koala awareness events are being held around Australia to celebrate Koalas in the Wild and to protect their habitats.

Koalas habitats are lost due to land clearance, bush fires and diseases which attack the eucalyptus trees causing the trees to die. Land clearance is a major issue and by the time you have finished reading this article the bulldozers might be on their way to knocking down even more trees. Koalas need trees to live in, feed off and protect them from dangers of cars and other wild animals.

Wild Koala Day campaigners are calling for all Australians to do the 3Ps;

Plant a tree

Plant a tree in an area where Koalas live to help rebuild their habitat. Register with a Koala charity to know where to plant your tree and find out more about creating a healthy environment for them to live in. If you live in the UK (like us) then you can donate online to plant a tree in a Koala conservation area. ZooHood are helping to plant more trees as we are donating £1 for every Koala onesie sold to Save the Panda charity. 

Protect a forest

It is important to protect existing forests. Whilst new trees can be planted, they take decades to grow and if we are to save Koalas work must be done now to protect their habitats. You can help protect forests wherever you live by recycling paper, using reusable coffee cups and not buying products know to be made from timber sources linked to Koala habitats. If you do live in Australia check that the developer did not clear trees to build your home or roads to your new home.

Phone a politician

Australians are encouraged to phone a politician on World Koala Day and ask them to protect Koalas. Tell them why Koalas are important to you and why you want to save them. Koalas are the national animal of Australia and are worth a substantial amount to the Australian economy and more so need to be saved so future generations can enjoy these creatures too. 

At ZooHood, we stock a gorgeous Koala Onesie and we will donate £1 for every Koala sold to help save these lovely, little, fluffy creatures. For every 5 onesies sold we will be able to plant a tree and every tree planted will help protect the Koalas habitats for years to come.

Koala Onesie by ZooHood